Key Features

  • Regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • No entry or exit fees
  • Distribution paid monthly.
  • First mortgage lending only, with conservative loan to valuation ratios not exceeding 66.67% of proper valuation
  • No related party loans
  • Investment can only be made using the application form that accompanies the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

*  The payment of income distributions and the repayment of capital are not guaranteed and there may be circumstances where no distributions are paid. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.


Product Disclosure Statement

In providing the PDS, ASIC requires that we draw your attention to matters regarding investments generally.  We point out that in providing the PDS to you we have not considered your objectives, financial situation or needs and are not providing you with advice as to whether this is an appropriate investment for your particular circumstances.  We draw your attention to the disclaimer of advice on page iv of the PDS. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice.

PDS - 30 October 2020


Benchmark and other disclosure

Disclosures against the benchmarks and disclosure principles required under ASIC Regulatory Guide 45, together with the most recent annual and interim financial statements for the Trust and accompanying letters to investors follow.  The benchmark and disclosure principles disclosures are updated at least twice yearly.

Benchmark and disclosure principles disclosures

Valuation Policy

Annual Financial Statements - 30 June 2020 

Interim Financial Statements - 31 December 2019 

Any further information requiring continuous disclosure under the provisions of Chapter 6CA of the Corporations Act 2001 will be published here in accordance with ASIC Regulatory Guide 198 - Unlisted disclosing entities: Continuous disclosure obligations.



Change in Auditor 

During August 2020 the Company approved a change in the name of the auditor of the Fund.  The change was due to an internal change within BDO which has resulted in the auditor for the Fund being changed from BDO East Coast Partnership to BDO Audit Pty Ltd.