Sydney Wyde Mortgage Management Limited as the responsible entity of The Sydney Wyde Mortgage Fund offers loans for business or investment purposes, based on first mortgages securities.

We hold an Australian Financial Services Licence under the Corporation Act 2001, and the Fund is a registered managed investment scheme.


First mortgage loans are secured on real property to a maximum of 66.67% of proper valuation.  

Loans will be made secured on various types of property, including residential, commercial, industrial, development sites and vacant land. The loan to valuation ratio (LVR) percentage is a matter of judgement, and will often be less than the maximum LVR of 66.67% depending upon the type of security.

Progress payments will not be made in respect of development loans, and such loans will be limited to an LVR based upon the land value of the development site.

Loans will predominantly be made in respect of securities in the Sydney metropolitan area, but securities elsewhere in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland may also be considered.

We hold an  Australian credit licence and from time to time will consider making loans that fall within the provisions of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.


Sydney Wyde has established a panel of approved valuers for the Fund. Each valuer is properly qualified, licensed and has at least five years experience in valuing properties for mortgage purposes.

Valuations are required in all cases. All valuations from panel valuers must be under instructions from Sydney Wyde. Instructions in writing may be made by Sydney Wyde, or by a solicitor acting on its behalf.  The company does not accept valuations instructed from borrowers. Valuations must specify that they are for mortgage purposes; set out the methodology used; be on an "as is" basis, and not valued on the basis of projected realisation; and must refer to a recommendation of the security as suitable security for mortgage purposes.

The product disclosure statement of the Fund provides that advances are made only on first mortgage security to no more than 66.67% of approved valuation. The company does not make advances in respect of progress payments for construction. Loans may be made on residential, commercial, and industrial land, and loans will be made on vacant land including land value of development sites. With a development site, no further advances will be contemplated until lock-up stage.

For more details see our Valuation Policy 

Credit Reporting Policy

A copy of our Credit Reporting Policy is available on request and at the following link Credit Reporting Policy. See also our Statement of Notifiable matters.

If you require any additional information or explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us.