Sydney Wyde Mortgage Management Limited (Sydney Wyde) is the responsible entity of the Sydney Wyde Mortgage Fund and of The CKM Mortgage Trust.

Tim Stoyles set up Sydney Wyde with his father in 2004 when he took over a small solicitor's mortgage practice which managed around $20 million in mortgages. Sydney Wyde has managed to grow its funds under management since then to over $296 million* without advertisement and it is proud that several of its original investors are still active fund members and a great source of referral.

The Sydney Wyde Mortgage Fund was set up back in 2004 as a contributory mortgage scheme. At that time Sydney Wyde was issued with its Australian Financial Services Licence to manage the Fund. Sydney Wyde now manages over $200 million* in contributory mortgages with over 290 investors* in the Fund.

In June 2016 Sydney Wyde was appointed as the manager of The CKM Mortgage Trust which is a pooled mortgage scheme with over $96 million* invested in mortgages and with over 230 investors*.

Sydney Wyde is a full time professional mortgage manager, in that this is all it does, and it has some very capable people who work for it, including:


+ Tim Stoyles, managing director, founder and owner, with over 20 years' experience in the mortgage industry;
+ Michael Bray, non-executive chairman, who has over 40 years' experience in mortgage law and enforcement; and
+ Derek Martin, non-executive director, who is head of claims for Allianz.


+ Edward Russell, compliance officer, who has over 40 years' experience in the trustee and funds management industries and who has been with Sydney Wyde since its commencement; and
+ Suzie Reboredo, accountant, who has been with Sydney Wyde for the past 10 years.

Sydney Wyde takes the responsibility of holding and lending out investors' money very seriously and it is very much aware that it is the investors' money and not its money. Sydney Wyde does its utmost to ensure that its investors' money is protected at all times and that the returns they receive from the mortgage funds are very competitive comparable to similar types of investments.

*As at 31 December 2019

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